Maximize rental prep time with one touch & say goodbye to guestimating

Just leave your Gumb by the door so your guests can notify you when they check-out with the push of a button. That means less time waiting and more time prepping so you can be a more efficient host!

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Gumb notifies you when guests check-out via email or text so you’ll know when to prepare for your next guest.
On double click cleaning staff can let short-time rental owners know cleaning is done and your next guests are welcome for check-in.
Effortlessly configure Gumb with your email address and phone number so you can stay in-the-know, at all times.
Using this AA battery-powered single-button device is as easy as pushing a button, which seamlessly connects to your local Wi-Fi.

It’s аs еasy аs pushing a button

Gumb single button device for getting real time notifications from your guests
Stay informed with exact check-out times and never miss a beat.
Never sit around and wait for your guests again because they’ll let you know when they’re leaving in real time.
Start offering guests early check-in options to truly level-up their experience.
Make cleaning staff coordination a breeze with instant notifications of when the job’s complete.

Frequently asked questions

We can’t force your guests to use your Gumb, but we can say that it’s the easiest way for them to let you know they’re leaving in real-time. Especially when it’s placed by the door! So while 100% of your guests may not use your Gumb, remember that it’s literally a button to push, so trust that (at least) most of them will use it. It’s simply the most reliable option.

The truth is, traveling is stressful. Between packing, arranging transportation, getting kids (and their stuff) together, etc. most people will forget to type-out a text message or email. Pushing a button next to the door is a lot faster and easier for everyone!

Simple. Knowing exactly when your guests leave means knowing exactly when you can get your space ready for your next guest(s). That means less time waiting around, and more time checking tasks off your list. Plus, early space preparation gives you the choice to offer early check-ins, which your guests will love!

In short, knowledge is power and Gumb will allow you to be a much more efficient host.

Yes, you can easily pre-program options for custom notifications, which you can use for limitless potential.

Absolutely! Gumb helps hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, Airbnb,, Vrbo, HomeAway and other hospitality hosts run their operations more efficiently so they can get more done in less time.

The more time you have to prepare, the faster you (and your staff) can be finished and on to the next task. It was designed to ensure your operations run smoother, without the need for any additional work.

Sure! Gumb is designed for hospitality businesses, but it’s still a button that’ll send you a notification. That goes for parents, teachers, business managers – or anyone who can benefit from a quick reminder – it’s well worth the modest investment.

Also feel free to contact us, if you have any specific questions!

Gumb is perfect for

as well as hotel and motel managers – or anyone who wants to run their hospitality operation easier.

Why Gumb?

We’ve been hosting for over 3 years and during this time, we saw a pattern that we wanted to break.

Being constantly busy and on-the-go, we wanted to know exactly when our guests were checking-out, but didn’t want to bombard them with pushy text messages either. After all, traveling can be stressful. Guests are focused on gathering their luggage, arranging transportation – and sometimes juggling multiple kids through it all. The last thing they want is to be pestered by their host as to when they’re leaving.

We wished that being notified was “as easy as pushing a button”. Then it hit us…

Rather than bother our guests with annoying reminders, we designed a small device to put next to the door, that they can easily push on the way out. Now, everyone saves time, stays in-the-know – all without the need to be bothered.

Now hosts around the world can make more of their time without pestering their guests!

Stop guestimating!

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